Who is this Joe bloke, anyway?

Self-promotion always felt a bit weird to me, but I thought it would be good to have a place to share the things I've worked on.

While the portfolio details various projects I've worked on since 2006, a few things happened before that year.

My life-long interest in drawing in art lead to me studying it all through school and into University, achieving my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art in 2008, during which time I exhibited in several art shows.

Following on from this, I earned my Masters of Teaching, Secondary in 2011. I taught in various schools in the Hunter Valley region of NSW, Australia as an Visual Art teacher until 2016 when I moved to the UK. I continued as an art teacher until 2018 when I decided to leave teaching for other opportunities. I currently work at Highbury College in Portsmouth.

In 2017 I married my amazing English wife and continue to live in Portsmouth, UK.


I began collecting since a very young age when I received my first Mighty Max toy. Not long after my father gave me a pile of his old The Phantom comics and I was hooked!

What resulted was a life long love of comic books and collecting. I've collected many varied things over the years, and my passion for collecting has only gown. If you're interested, why not check out my collections site?

I started writing about collecting when I began the Phantom fan site ChronicleChamber in 2006 and haven't stopped since. My writing has appeared on several collectors-focused sites, such as RetroCollect and Gemr.com.

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