D'ni Art Archive

The D'ni Art Archive was an in-world research project looking at the various works of artistic merit created by the D’ni people that form the main culture of the Myst video game series. Basically, I took a look at these in-game artworks and broke them down, explaining their relevance within the larger lore of the Myst universe. Because much of the lore of the Myst universe hasn't been explained by creators Cyan, it was fun to speculate on what the various items could mean.

In October, 2019 Cyan announced the Myst Lore Project which has the aim of gathering all Myst lore into one, Wikipedia-style place. It is unclear if this will relate to only already existing lore or if new lore will be released. As such I put the DAA "on hold" for a while waiting to see what this new development meant for the project. However, as of April, 2020 there was still no clear indication of what the Myst Lore Project would be and as there were other things I wanted to work on I decided to close the DAA.

However, articles that were posted on the original site (no longer accessible) can still be read below.