Day of Dancing

The D’ni Day of Dancing is an interesting celebration. The day – Leetar 21 (September 3rd) – actually marks the day the original home worlds of the D’ni, Garternay, was destroyed.

Garternay was destroyed by its sun when the star expanded out into a red giant. The Dni, then called the Ronay, foresaw this forthcoming disaster and made plans to travel to another world via Linking Books in order to save their people. Most resettled on the Age of Terahnee, with a splinter group followed one of Garternay’s greatest Writers – and future First King of D’ni – Ri’neref, to Earth and the great Cavern they made their home.

Rather than mourn their lost world, the D’ni instead turned the day into one of celebration, rejoicing in the fact that their people lived on in a new Age, full of new possibilities.

Article originally posted September 5th, 2019Image by Jan Ross, via Facebook