D'ni Music

Of all of the D’ni’s artistic endeavors, their music is the one which we know the least about. The first known musical event in D’ni history was 2408 DE (5249 BC) when musician Airem performed sold-out concerts.

Musicians had their own Guild in D’ni. Originally part of the Guild of Fine Artists, it became the Minor Guild of Musicians when the Guild of Fine Artists was broken up into its four separate entities in 2488 DE (5169 BC).

We know that one of D’ni’s greatest musicians, Hadev, was born in 5644 DE (2013 BC) and died in 5894 DE (1763 BC).

Sadly, this is all we know about the history of music in D’ni. However, we do have two surviving examples of D’ni music. Both of these were discovered as recordings on a “cannen,” a D’ni device for recording and replaying sounds.

The first was discovered by The Stranger on Gehn’s Age 233. A cannen in the Age plays a recording of Gehn himself performing a D’ni piece on his maral-obe, a D’ni trumpet-like instrument. Luckily, the Stranger was able to preserve this recording which you can hear below.

The second known piece of D’ni music was found by the DRC and Explorer’s of D’ni in the Kadish Gallery. Again found as a recording on a cannen, it is unknown who made this recording although it can be assumed it would be by one of the more prominent musicians of the D’ni as Kadish prided himself of displaying the best of the best in his gallery.

While it is a shame that we know so little about music from the D’ni culture, we should be thankful we at least have these two examples to enjoy. Perhaps in the future more examples of the musical history of the D’ni will come to light.

Originally posted November 13, 2018