Further Thoughts on D’ni Music

We know that much of what we have learnt about D’ni and its history – particularly during the period of The Fall and the lifetime of Atrus – comes from information gleaned from the journals of Katran (Catherine) that the DRC found during their first explorations of The Cavern.

Cyan based their Myst video game and novel series on the information within these journals. We also know that Cyan took some liberties within their games to make the worlds more “game-friendly.” For example, the island of Myst is actually much bigger than we see within the game, but Cyan took the more “boring” parts out as they felt the player wouldn’t want to be wandering through kitchens and bathrooms.

Given this, I wonder if we can extrapolate further and assume that the music found in Cyan’s games are based upon D’ni music, or even an Earth interpretation of it?

As mentioned in the previous post, we only know of two pieces of D’ni music that ate 100% genuine; Gehn’s recording of himself playing a maral-obe and the recording found in Kadish’s gallery by an unknown musician.

However, there is much the DRC found that was never released to the public. From journals to areas of the City to Ages, there is much the DRC kept – and still keeps – from Explorers. Could they not also have found further examples of D’ni music that have not yet been released?

Since the DRC left the Cavern, the only area of the Concert Hall that has been accessible to Explorers is the foyer. The whole interior of the Hall remains off limits. It must be assumed that the DRC made at least preliminary explorations to the interior of the Hall, otherwise how could they know it was not safe and thus leave it closed to Explorers? Given that this was the main music venue in the City (another, the Opera House, we don’t know if the DRC ever even got to before leaving) it is not too much of a stretch to suggest that recordings of music would be found inside.

Could it be that the DRC found other recordings and lent them to Cyan who based the music in their games on these original recordings? All of the music in the Myst series shares a similar tone and ambiance so it makes sense that the inspiration could be taken from a handful of primary sources.

Of course, at the moment all of this is purpley conjecture until someone from the DRC (probably RAWA, if he can be contacted,) confirms or denies this. Still, it is interesting to think that we may have heard more D’ni music that we originally thought.

Originally posted December 3, 2018