Kadish Gallery

Located in Ae’gura’s Canyon Mall this gallery was owned by expelled Guild of Writers member Kadish and thus has become known as the “Kadish Gallery”.

The works shown in the gallery are by both D’ni and non-D’ni artists. As Explorers to D’ni know, there are clues hidden within some of the artworks to help solve various puzzles in the Ages of Kadish Tolesa and Ahnonay. It pleased Kadish’s ego to have these clues in plain sight where all could see them, and yet he was the only one who could interpenetrate them.

It is unknown if Kadish based the puzzles in his Ages on pre-existing works or had the works created to reflect the puzzles. Given the exactness in the artwork’s representation of puzzle clues, however, the latter is probably the case. Kadish would have delighted in hiding these in plain sight.

Many of the works resemble stained-glass windows. They consist of vibrant colours and patterns of an often geometric design. Unfortunately, no names of the artists or which Ages they came from are given leaving the origins of many of the works a mystery.

Originally posted October 9, 2018