Maintainer Suit

Found in the second fortress in Gahreesen, the Maintainer Suits are what members of the Maintainers Guild would wear when exploring a new Age.

Because a new Age could not be verified as safe until it was visited, these suites would protect the Maintainer Guildsmen from possible atmospheric, environmental and even animalistic dangers. Think of it as the D’ni version of a spacesuit.

The regular Maintainer Suit

A second, more robust suit, known as the Environmental, or EV, Suit was created to withstand the harshest of environmental dangers. It’s incredibly cumbersome and appears to be immobile, suggesting that the wearer would simply take readings from the atmosphere rather than actively explore. As can be seen, there are many sensors on the suit in order to take readings.

It is thought that initially one Maintainer would Link to an Age in the EV suit and if they found it safe others would follow in the lighter suits to fully explore the Age.

The EV Suit

According to a notebook by DRC member Michael Simpson, a Maintainer would travel down a chute from the fortress’ “suit room” to the training facility that sat at the fortress’ center. During the fall, the suite would be put onto the Maintainer automatically.

The chute to the training room

The suits were not made of metal but actually a dense but lightweight stone known as deretheni. Deretheni was created by the Guild of Stone Masons for construction purposes, but its properties made it perfect for the Maintainer’s suits.

While several of the EV suits appear to have survived the Fall of D’ni – most likely due to their extremely strong casings – only one of the lighter suits has been found in a complete state. However, helmets from the lighter suits can be found throughout Gahreesen.

Originally posted April 26, 2019