Revelations At Mysterium 2019

For those who might not be aware, Mysterium is an annual gathering of Explorers and DRC members. Starting in 2000, it takes place in Spokane, Washington, home of Cyan Worlds, Inc. 2019 marked the 20th anniversary of the event.

While the DRC officially disbanded in 2007, unofficially it has been kept alive by the Explorers and those members who still strive to understand the D’ni. Thanks to the continued efforts of these people, some new information about the D’ni and various related history has been revealed.

  • The Great Words – the language we know of as D’ni is not the same as the language, or gahrohevtee (great words) as the D’ni called them, that is used in Description and Linking Books to Write Ages.

  • Book Of Marrim – as I’m sure many will know, the books Myst: Book of Atrus, Myst: Book of Ti’ana and Myst: Book of D’ni are historical-fiction retellings of events described in the journals of Catherine and Atrus (it was decided a fictional-historical retelling was best rather than a purely historical one as some of the events had to be “filled in” with educated conjecture). Rand Miller, who helped compile the books, stated that he was working on a further volume to be entitles Myst: Book of Marrim. Nothing had been heard of the book since 2005 when a short excerpt from it was released. It had been said that research had stalled and Miller put the book “on the back-burner” to concentrate on other projects. However, Miller said at Mysterium that the book if officially off the back-burner! No word on when we will see the finished book, but it is a positive turn of events nonetheless.

  • How Long is A Span? – the single known unit of measurement that D’ni used was the span, or shahfee. One span equates to 4.82 meters, or 15.8 feet. You can see a full description HERE.

  • Wahrk Sexuality – Longtime DRC member and researcher Richard Watson (RAWA) was able to confirm that Wahrks are sexually dimorphic.

  • Cho’s Fate – RAWA was also able to discover that “Cho,” the Riveneese man whom the Stranger meets upon first arriving on Riven only to be knocked unconscious by the Moiety, survived the destruction of the Age.

Thanks to the Guild of Messengers and the Guild of Archivists for relaying this information

Originally posted on August 19, 2019