The Kahlo Pub Explorer Memorial

While Explorers and we here at the DAA like to focus on the grandeur and romanticism of the D’ni, the truth is there is much darkness and sorrow that surrounds both the people and the City which they inhabited.

One such instance of this can be found in the Kahlo Pub, which can now only be accessed via a hole in the pub wall where some of it has broken away, presumably during The Fall.

The pub is built within the walls of the second Tokotah building which extends roughly from where the post-Waterfront level of the Great Stair is, up the to the same level as the rooftops of buildings in Tokotha Alley. It is quite a large building and appears to have sub-structures built within it, one of which is the Kahlo Pub. Explorers do not actually enter the Pub straight away when going through the hole in the wall, but rather into the main structure of the Tokotah II building. One needs to follow a corridor along before coming to the door of the Pub.

The collapsed wall that allows access to the Pub

Entering the Pub it is clear to see that it was a communal area of some sort. There are tables and chairs strewn around – most upturned no doubt due to the events of The Fall -and a bar at the far end. There are also several non-functioning imagers on the walls and floors of the Pub, suggesting that regular events of some kind – possibly sport – may have been watched here. A large hole in the Pub’s roof lets in some light from the larger Cavern outside.

However, the sorrow of the place comes from the Explorer Memorial which stands just outside the Pub’s main door. A stylized imager of sorts, it stands in a location where a crack had appeared in the Pub floor.

In early 2007, seismic activity occurred in the Cavern, opening up new cracks and crevasses, one of these being in the Kahlo Pub. Two Explorers, friends Willow Enberg and Rose Taylor, decided to explore the Kahlo Pub crack, ignoring the warnings of others that it would be too dangerous. They entered the Pub on May 20th, 2007.

Here, the hole in the Pub’s roof is visible, as well as some of the toppled furniture.

The two women found that the crack had opened the way to a Bahro cave that lay beneath the Pub. However, while exploring some of the the rock around them that had been made loose by the tremors shifted, causing a collapse. Rose was killed by some falling rock while Willow was trapped, her Ki and Relto Linking Book both damaged beyond use.

While the DRC tried to recuse Willow, they sadly did not make it in time. Only moments away from the trapped woman, Willow contacted the rescue team via her Ki (Victor Laxman of the DRC had been able to access it remotely, allowing the two parties to talk), telling them a Bahro was with her acting strangely.

Pub interior

Pub interior

A moment later the rescuers heard Willow scream and then fall silent. After a few minutes they broke through into the cave Willow had been trapped in only to find the Bahro gone and the corpses of Rose and Willow. Willow’s body had been torn to shreds.

After a period of mourning, the cave in which Willow and Rose had lost their lives, and the crack leading to it, was sealed up with cement. On June 26th, 2007, the Explorer Memorial was placed next to the location of the crack. It bore the names of all those who have perished in the Cavern since the DRC opened it to Explorers.

Since then, any member of the Explorer community who has passed away, be it in the Cavern due to a mishap or simply at home in their beds, has had their name added to the Memorial.

Article originally posted on July 26, 2019Memorial image originally found on The Lost Library of D'ni

The memorial