2006 – 2016

In late 2005/ early 2006 I felt there needed to be a dedicated, modern web site dedicated to my favourite comic hero, The Phantom. There was one prominent Phantom website at the time, but it was very much a reference site rather than a true fan site. Thus, in April of 2006, I launched

Now the longest running Phantom site in the world, I’m very proud with what the site has achieved. In 2016 I took a step back from the site after moving to the UK but still continue to contribute.

Below, you can see the major projects I worked on as part of the site.

X-Band: The Phantom Podcast

In 2013 I produced the first episode of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast. The worlds’ first, and so far only, podcast dedicated to the Phantom character. I hosted, and later co-hosted, the show as well as recording and editing each episode. My last episode before moving to the UK was episode 38.

Phantom Preservation Project

An initiative years in the planning , the goal of The Phantom Preservation Project is to preserve through digitization Phantom-related media that is no longer in print, circulation or easily accessible. I continued to work on the behind-the-scenes details of the Project even after stepping down from the main running of the site in 2016. The Project finally launched in late 2017.

phantom 2040 archive

2022 –

The Phantom 2040 Archive is a project with the goal of archiving as much information about the cult animated series as possible. From information about the show itself to a full guide to the wonderful Mega Drive/ SNES video and bits of trivia, my goal is to make sure every bit of info about this brilliant The Phantom spin-off.


circa 2004

While this is an old project, it's one I'm very proud on. It's a hand-made journal based on the video game Riven: The Sequle to Myst. It was made for an art school project, and took quite a bit of time. I did get rather good marks for it, though. You can read more about it, and find a gallery containing scans of all its pages, over on my Substack.